[pic] 130207 Sehun @SOPA Graduation Ceremony ~part 2~

[pic] 130207 Sehun @SOPA Graduation Ceremony ~part 2~

45 pics

Tarik nafas . . . hembuskan . . .tarik nafas . . . hembuskan!!!

Jangan pada kejang2 ya liat Sehun.


his graduation his graduation.jpg2w his graduation.jpg2w.jpgds his graduation.jpg2w.jpgfrg his graduation.jpg2w.jpgfv

his graduation.jpg2w.jpggh his graduation.jpg2w.jpgo9 his graduation.jpg2w.jpgvf his graduation.jpg2w.jpgyt

his graduation.jpg4 his graduation.jpg4.jpgj his graduation.jpg4r his graduation.jpg5

his graduation.jpg6 his graduation.jpg6.jpgdc his graduation.jpg6.jpgdcc his graduation.jpg6.jpgvf

his graduation.jpg6.jpgvf.jpgo his graduation.jpg8 his graduation.jpg8.jpgbg his graduation.jpg8.jpgd

his graduation.jpg8.jpgs his graduation.jpg8a his graduation.jpg9 his graduation.jpganj

his graduation.jpganj1 his graduation.jpgbg his graduation.jpgbh his graduation.jpgc

his graduation.jpgcf his graduation.jpgcfd his graduation.jpgd his graduation.jpgd.jpgm

his graduation.jpgde his graduation.jpgds his graduation.jpgf his graduation.jpgfd

his graduation.jpgfg his graduation.jpgfgd his graduation.jpgfr his graduation.jpgfrd

his graduation.jpgfvc his graduation.jpggh his graduation.jpggt his graduation.jpgko

gifs Hufff, ngelap keringat capek banget update nya.

Okahe, kita lanjut ke part 3 ya^^

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