[pic] 130207 Chanyeol @SOPA Graduation Ceremony ~part 2~


 baru.jpg1 baru.jpg1.jpgg baru.jpg2 baru.jpg2.jpgv baru.jpg2w

baru.jpg2w.jpga baru.jpg2w.jpga.jpg5 baru.jpg2w.jpga.jpgf baru.jpg3 baru.jpg3.jpg3 baru.jpg3.jpg3.jpgg baru.jpg3.jpga baru.jpg3r

baru.jpg4 baru.jpg4r baru.jpg5t baru.jpg6 baru.jpg7 baru.jpg22 baru.jpg23 baru.jpg23.jpge

baru.jpg23ew baru.jpgb baru.jpgbg baru.jpgd baru.jpge baru.jpgf baru.jpgfd baru.jpgfv

baru.jpgg baru.jpggf baru.jpgh baru.jpgh2 baru.jpghg baru.jpghgf baru.jpghh baru.jpgol

baru.jpgt3 baru.jpgtr baru.jpgtrr baru.jpgu

baru.jpgwd baru.jpgwdd baru.jpgwddd baru.jpgwe baru.jpgww baru.jpgy baru.jpgy.jpgg baru.jpgy.jpgg.jpgg baru.jpgy.jpgg.jpgg.jpgf

baru.jpgy.jpgg.jpgg.jpgf.jpgc baru.jpgy.jpgg.jpgg.jpgf.jpgc.jpgt baru.jpgy.jpgg.jpgg.jpgf.jpgc.jpgt.jpgc baru.jpgy.jpgg.jpgg.jpgf.jpgc.jpgt.jpgc.jpgf

Chan, kamu lagi moto ato ngaca ??? O_O

baru.jpgz2 baru.jpgz3 baru.jpgz4


ntu kan Chanyeol lagi ngaca -______-


yeol, liat deh cewek didepan kamu sampe mandangin !

credit: as tagged


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