[pic] 130404 EXO @ SM Building


exo130404 at sm building.jpga.jpga.jpg1.jpg1.jpg1.jpg1.jpg1d



exo130404 at sm building

[atas] Kris & Sehun

exo130404 at sm building.jpga

[atas] Tao

exo130404 at sm building.jpga.jpga

[atas] Xiumin


[atas] Chen

exo130404 at sm building.jpga.jpga.jpg1

[atas] Baekhyun

exo130404 at sm building.jpga.jpga.jpg1.jpg1

[atas] Tao

exo130404 at sm building.jpga.jpga.jpg1.jpg1.jpg1

[atas] Baekhyun

exo130404 at sm building.jpga.jpga.jpg1.jpg1.jpg1.jpg1

[atas] D.O & Baekhyun

exo130404 at sm building.jpga.jpga.jpg1.jpg1.jpg1.jpg1.jpg1

[atas] Suho

exo130404 at sm building.jpga.jpga.jpg1.jpg1.jpg1.jpg1.jpg1.jpg1

[atas] Kris

exo130404 at sm building.jpga.jpga.jpg1.jpg1.jpg1.jpg1.jpg1.jpg1.jpg1

exo130404 at sm building.jpga.jpga.jpg1.jpg1.jpg1.jpg1.jpg1d.jpgf

exo130404 at sm building.jpga.jpga.jpg1.jpg1.jpg1.jpg1.jpgc

exo130404 at sm building.jpga.jpga.jpg1f

exo130404 at sm building.jpga.jpgd

[atas] Suho

exo130404 at sm building.jpga.jpgd.jpgc

exo130404 at sm building.jpga.jpgd.jpgc.jpgx

[atas] Kai

exo130404 at sm building.jpga.jpgd.jpgc.jpgx.jpgxd

[atas] Lay

exo130404 sehun

chanyeol at sm building 130404


*plaaakkk* hahaha sorrryyyyy i mean


chanyeol at sm building 130404.jpga

chanyeol at sm building 130404.jpgaa

[atas] Chanyeol & Kris

chanyeol at sm building 130404.jpgaa.jpga

chanyeol at sm building 130404.jpgaa.jpga.jpga

credit: as tagged

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