130529 EXO UFO Update

[SEHUN] In 2013 let’s not rest and keep running together~ Thank you for waiting for us and let’s go together till the end~

[D.O] Hello. It’s D.O. Comeback!!!!! Anticipate~~~~~~ Please anticipate EXO’s side~

[BAEKHYUN] Comeback~Comeback~Comeback~ There is not a lot of days left till we meet~ We request a lot of anticipation and love^^

[CHANYEOL] This is Chanyeol. Let’s burst 2013 as EXO and everyone’s year. Have you seen EXO teaser??

[SUHO] I sincerely thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday. It’s our comeback soon please love EXO a lot.

[KAI] We are finally making a comeback tomorrow. You’ll make sure to watch the comeback performance, right?^^ We’ll show you a cool image~

[LAY] Did you see the music video? ^^ We will stand in front of everyone with a cool side soon. Please anticipate^^

[XIUMIN] Everyone~~~ Did you guys all prepare to meet??? Finally our music video as been revealed. Jjajan~ (t/n: this is a sound that one makes when someone introduces/shows something as to say “here~”)

[TAO] Did you see our EXO’s new sides? Haha Please anticipate EXO a lot and please love us~

[CHEN] Everyone~~ Finally we were able to comeback^^ I totally miss you~~ to encourage EXO a lot^^

trans cr; nahbit@exok-trans
please take out with full credits.


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