[pic] Chanyeol’s Older Sister ~7~

chanyeol's sister 3

Yoora Unnie 

chanyeol's sister 4

chanyeol's sister 8

eonnie yoora eonnie chanyeol yura.jpg8

eonnie yoora eonnie chanyeol yura.jpg9

chanyeol's sister 6

ASTAGA, yang ini imut banget >O<

benar2 kayak ullzzang

Imut , cantik, polos


chanyeol's sister 5


4 thoughts on “[pic] Chanyeol’s Older Sister ~7~

  1. Aku fansnya Yoora eonnie padahal T.T Sedihnya kalo Yoora eonnie ngedelete akunnya.. Tapi gapapa deh. Punya akun ato nggak, aku tetep fans eonnie cantik satu ini :3 ❤

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