[Fanaccount] 130617 EXO @ Chuncheon Fansign

  • Chanyeol played with his EXO towel , he smelled the towel and giggled. cr: for 英国爱
  • Luhan gave a heartsign to the fans who attend the fansign today. cr: breezhug
  • [130617 FS] Sehun replied a fan that recently the food he wants to eat most is his mum’s cooking. It’s the best. (cr: KAIAMOR)
  • [130617 FS] A fan won the lucky draw and got to take a group pic with all 12 members. Xiumin layed the mat(?) for her while Suho took off his jacket to place it over her legs. (cr: jinn_junsoo)
  • 130617 Lucky fan got to take a groupshot with EXO. Xiumin helped her put on bandana, Suho took off his jacket to cover another fangirl’s lap
  • Fan: Did you spray perfume today? Sehun: Yes! Fan: What did you sprayed? *Sehun turn and asked D.O. what he sprayed* (cr.dc)
  • 130617 Fan: Do you use perfume? Sehun: Yup~ Sometimes! Fan: Did you put on perfume today as well? Sehun: Yup! I put on !@#@#% (cr: 海天月夜,dc)
  • 130617 A fan gave Chanyeol a puppy plushie that could flap its ears. Kris and Chanyeol took it out to play after they finished signing.
  • A fan gave Chen’s photo teaser to Tao, Tao asked her why and the fan said that she’s TaoChen’s fan. Tao called Chen all of sudden. cr:我的宝贝幸福
  • A fan gave Chanyeol a stuffed dog that can flap his ears, and Kris put his hands on his head, imitating it. Then he hit the dog on the head.
  • 130617 After a while Kris took back the puppy plushie and pretended to smack the puppy’s head. (cr: fruitXfruit)
  • 130617 Kris put his hands on his head to imitate the puppy plushie and fans were screaming. He then lay on the table bashfully.
  • Baekhyun repeated “Suho hyung don’t cry again tonight ok? Hyung ? hyung ? hyung?” . cr: 我的宝贝幸福
  • The fangirl who asked Sehun about the perfume recorded the audio. She said it sounded like Adels Fendi but isn’t sure because it’s too noisy She said she will listen to the audio when she gets home. And the comments section started to discuss about the perfume again. (cr: 海天月夜)
  • Fan asked Chanyeol how old he was and he said that he is 16 and did the bbuing bbuing pose. (cr:可爱的克)
  • [FANACC] 130617 Actually Baekhyun never drew his eyeliner himself before!!!!!! O♥O [cr : 密司特帕克db ; DC; trans: @TiffBaekSoo]
  • Sehun, Chanyeol, Baekhyun don’t put their eyeliners by themselves, they don’t have the skills. Cr: dc
  • A fan heard Chanyeol muttering “no one bring my photo today”. cr: 我的宝贝幸福
  • After Chanyeol got a brown doll from a fan, he said “wah he’s so handsome, like me”. cr: 我的宝贝幸福
  • [130617 FS] A 92liner fan (already graduated) wore school uniform to the fansign today. When Chen got the number 92, heasked who’s 92liner, she raised her hand. The members saw and they teased “a 92liner what for still wearing a uniform” (cr: dc, 小智MAX)
  • “I heard you’re a very good drawer Oppa” Kris replied, “Thank you, I am improving.” “You’re amazing!” Kris: “Soon I will be” (cr:aikoa12)
  • [130617 FS] Fans told Baekhyun that they’re really looking forward to his radio schedule tmr. Baekhyun said he’s afraid. (cr: dc, 小智MAX)
  • Kris received a fanart of him using a coat from Marc Jacobs and he asked “wow, are you a designer?” to the fan. cr: 雨后的彩虹
  • A fan told Sehun that she’s a new fan and asked to tell her a little about himself. Sehun: “I am…Sehun…I like…I have…rainbow hair.”
  • Kai was busy with Chen today. Both of them exchanged marker but Chen threw Kai’s marker away. cr: 大声哭泣的花朵
  • “One of the fans asked Chanyeol if he liked ferrets. With an embarrassed, knowing smile, Chanyeol told her, “Yes but please be quiet” pmsl
  • [130617 Fansign] Today, a fan gave Chanyeol a floppy-eared dog plushie. After they finished signing, Chanyeol and Kris started playing with it. Kris put his hands up to his head, and flapped them up and down to imitate the dog plushie’s ears, causing fans to scream. Suddenly shy, he put lied down on the table. Later, he took the plushie and hit it on the head. cr: fruitXfruit

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