[Info] 130717-18 EXO-M on Weibo

130717 asdfghjkl finally KRIS made a weibo acc!

kris weibo.jpgs

 Tao followed Kris on weibo:

kris weibo.jpgr

Luhan also followed KRIS on weibo:

kris weibo.jpgr.jpgs

Lay followed Kris, Tao and Luhan 

weibo.jpg y

Kris bio on weibo: Knows how to fly *lol*

Kris follow an account that teach people how to draw *OMG Kris pls*

Krisalso follow NBA official weibo acc

Tao‘s weibo update! Selca with Luhan, also changed his name to “A_桃_B



130718 Kris updated his weibo:

English Trans: Time difference ah! Wanna say Hello before going to bed: Hello Weibo Goodbye Ren Ren T_T (Yes it’s true that I still can’t let you go Ren Ren) I will cheer for you in this new day ❤ from Mr Fan

(cr: rabbit83lee @ SMent_EXO)

130718 Luhan also updated his weibo:



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