130724 Drumstick Index Update

7 pics—

130603 Chanyeol @ Airport

drumstick index chanyeol

drumstick index chanyeol.jpga

drumstick index chanyeol.jpga.jpgr

drumstick index chanyeol.jpga.jpgr.jpgr

drumstick index chanyeol.jpga.jpgr.jpgr.jpgz

drumstick index chanyeol.jpga.jpgr.jpgr.jpgz.jpgz

drumstick index chanyeol.jpga.jpgr.jpgr.jpgz.jpgz.jpgr

credit: drumstick


2 thoughts on “130724 Drumstick Index Update

    • ya elah , emng ny ak pengamat make up artis apa -______________-
      gak, kayaknya gak pake make up deh. kenapa???? tetap ganteng kan suami aku \(≧▽≦)/

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