[pic] 130801 EXO-K Website Update: Chanyeol


gif cute.giff

off chanyeol 130731

[TRANS]Chanyeol’s message:

Hi everybody! this is exo’s in charge of the height, voice, face, reaction, rap, sub vocal, and positive reaction Chanyeol!

Have you seen Growl’s music video? The camera techniques are amazing right?

As promised, we came back after 2 weeks with a new performance. You like it right? I like it too!!! ㅋㅋㅋ

WOLF received lots of love and interest!! thank you once again to our beautiful fans !! This time, please give Growl lots of love too!

in the morning!! i get to be m countdown’s mc! clap your hands!!! jjak jjak jjak (clap clap clap)

source: EXO-K Website

Trans: chanbaek


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