[Info] 130916 Suho and Chanyeol’s starry night translations:

Jadi, berhubung video English Sub nya belum keluar, buat yang rada penasaran bisa baca transletan nya dulu ^^ hehehe


CHANYEOL: in middle schools i folded crane papers… i went to the department store to buy the bottle and paper. so to make the crane papers, i folded them arduously. i was going to fold 100 crane papers, but when i was up to 70-80 crane papers, [his girlfriend] texted me…. and broke up with me…
DJ: oh no, no. what did you do?
CHANYEOL: i was folding so… i just finished folding and put it into the bottle. and after folding-
SUHO: to your next girlfriend.

CHANYEOL: ah! i could have! i didn’t, so at the time, i placed it on the top of the piano. it pained a lot to see that.
DJ: it must have reminded you every time you looked at it.
CHANYEOL: yes, i don’t really know why i placed that there but
you should have given it to your next girlfriend.
the next girlfriend would have been clueless and say, “i’m so touched, jagiya!”
CHANYEOL: i didn’t think of that [giving it to another girlfriend].

suho: from the events i did, the one that i think was the most okay is the one where i sang while playing the piano at a cafe.
dj: wow i wonder where that cafe was~ in your teens?
suho: uh… yes, in my teens.
dj: wow, that’s a very big event. what about you, chanyeol-ssi?
chanyeol: ah, mine is on rose day-
dj: ah, rose daY- WHEN IS ROSE DAY I FORGOT.
chanyeol: 14th of june? around that tim- maybe it’s 14th of may. this was when i was in middle school probably, after locating where that girl friend was, i secretly got flowers to be delivered to her. so, i think that is probably the biggest event [chanyeol has done].
dj: so ha ha what about the size of the flower? how many?
chanyeol: it was a rose, and around 20….? it was in like a basket.
dj: to send a basket when you’re in your teens is… wow. you exo are great romantics.


on starry night, suho and chanyeol.
DJ: do guys talk a lot about dating when they’re together?
SUHO: that’s all we talk about.
CHANYEOL: really?
suho laughs and chanyeol follows to laugh nervously saying “really?” again.
DJ: so do members know about each other dating history?
SUHO: uhh…. yes. they know. (CHANYEOL: they know.) like first love and first kiss.
CHANYEOL: we don’t hide anything from each other so ha ha
DJ: which of the member in exo had their first kiss the quickest?
SUHO: what do i do? who do i attack first?
dj younha promises she won’t ask the name. chanyeol makes suho say it. suho asks, “who is it? why are you blaming this on me.”
SUHO: uh… if i had to give a hint, it’d be [dramatic drum roll, suho laughs ha ha] one of the members at kbs at the moment.
DJ: is it the one character named member? the one character named member?
SUHO: ah ha ha… i heard that the two of them compete [for the member that had his first kiss the earliest]
DJ: okay, so we’ll say it was baekhyun-ssi and chen-ssi who had their first kiss the quickest~
however, after receiving a message about suho and chanyeol talking about this on another radio, baekhyun and chen defended themselves on sukira
BAEKHYUN: our member chanyeol-ssi and suho-ssi said on another radio-
CHEN: did they say that we were the members to have first kiss the earliest?
BAEKHYUN: we never talked about such thing.
CHEN: AND AND FIRSTLY, we never talked about such thing.
ILAC: so even though you didn’t say that on broadcast, you never said that in front of the members?
BAEKHYUN: we never did such thing.
CHEN: we’re clean.

when asked if he has ever knitted a scarf, chanyeol said that he used to knit a lot because his mother taught him how to. he also saw his sister quilt once, so he learnt how to quilt as well.

once, chanyeol said that he folded crane papers for his girlfriend. he went to the department store to buy the bottle to keep the crane paper, and folded the papers into crane with focus. he was going to fold 100 crane papers, but when he was up to his 70-80 crane papers, “i was folding but…. my girlfriend called me…. and broke up with me… i didn’t want to stop folding so… i just finished folding and put it into the bottle. i placed it on the top of the piano.” suho then said that chanyeol should have given it to his next girlfriend to which chanyeol replied, “oh, i could haveㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ but it was hurtful every time i looked at the crane papers.”

chanyeol said that he’s the type to get hung up on simple things, and so he can’t even delete messages like “what are you doing.” he said that he doesn’t delete messages because he likes to keep those simple things.

when asked how he feels about girlfriend cooking for her boyfriend, suho said, “it has to be tasty…. if it’s not tasty, then i’ll have to learn how to cook. and [then the girlfriend can] become good at washing the dishes and doing the laundry.”

after being informed of suho and chanyeol “attacking” them as the members that had their first kiss the quickest in exo, baekhyun and chen said that the two are lying. baekhyun and chen said that they never talked about their first with the members, and chen said that they’re “clean”. baekhyun then said, “wait, let’s stop here and see what they have to say more.”

credit: ggamjongin



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