[pic] 130509 EXO Staff Diary Update

Yesterday, on May 8th, it was Parent’s Day.
Have you all thanked your parents?

While preparing for the new album„ And rehearsing diligently everyday
Our EXO didn’t forget Parent’s Day„
And gave their love messages to their parents~~

To match with China’s ‘Mother’s Day’ this upcoming May 12th,
Kris, Luhan, Lay and Tao
Also prepared letters they will send home with the other members.

EXO’s hearts are so pretty

Writing letters they will give to their parents while rehearsing everyday„ We slightly tried to capture these images,
But EXO’s parents„ You probably got EXO’s sincere feelings right? ^_^*

Even though they might be shy because of their personally prepared carnations and handwritten letters
The EXO members said that through this change, they absolutely wanted to convey these messages to their parents~

Mom, dad thank you!! And I love you~~!
Mum, dad, thank you!! I love you~~!!

EXO fans, make sure to say ‘I love you’ to your parents~^^

staff diary exo 130509

Parents Day

—tebak deh yang mana Chanyeol ?

itu tu, yang dibawah Chen (kanan, shirt putih + topi htam) ^^—

photo credit & source: http://exo-k.smtown.com/

translation cr; saphira @ exok-trans, xuan @ exom-trans


5 thoughts on “[pic] 130509 EXO Staff Diary Update

    • Bacon nya unnie ntu yg plg bawah atuh, yg pake jaket biru lagi nulis dan lay diatasnya , yg pake jaket leopard. tumben banget kan eon lay pake jaket leopard, kayaknya ntu jaket punya tao deh . *myb yes myb no* ^^

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